women and faith

When Calling and Career Connect

Don't you love when that happens? Earlier this year I got the good news that I landed a photographer position for Daughters of Promise Magazine! I was excited to have found a way to use my creativity and photography interests in a way that encourages women and illustrates stories of faith. It is a confirmation of my calling and a joy to collaborate with other women to create beautiful photos. I've already completed the shoots for the September/October issue and can't wait to show you those images once the magazine has reached readers. I'm even more excited for the upcoming holiday articles I get to illustrate, it's a lot of fun coming up with ideas, outfits and more. Thank you for choosing me, DOP!

DOP Themed Shoot-'Boldly Into the Unknown'

Last spring I (Rachel) was asked to do a photo shoot for a women's magazine called Daughters of Promise. They featured my friend, Ashadee, by including an article she wrote describing her family's journey the past several years. Ashadee's faith has become ever fiercer and her determination to praise regardless of the circumstances she finds herself in is a challenge to me! The article outlines their journey towards making it possible for her husband to become a pilot while navigating a lack of finances and small children. It's a great article and I am happy to report that her husband has now obtained his "wings" and flies commercially! I love their story and am pleased to show you some photos from the themed shoot involving aviation/travel, the city and a woman called Ashadee!