Fine Art

Blizzard Jonas: Fine Art Fashion Shoot


Looking at the snow on the rooftops and tree limbs on this now sunny March day in Brooklyn, I had to share a few images from our session with Elizabeth during blizzard Jonas. We knew he was coming so we did what any normal person would do, prepare for a fashion shoot in the middle of it. Oh wait, that's not what normal people do? If you want extraordinary results, you have to take extraordinary actions!

Elizabeth is a woman of extraordinary courage. She is a single mother (all the standing ovations) who has braved many different storms in her life to provide a safe and healthy environment for herself and her daughter. Elizabeth has taken chances and fought obstacles. She is the kind of woman who has not allowed the stresses of life to defeat her but has risen up with grace and determination to thrive in spite of them. Not only has she done this for herself but she has also done this for the inner city children she teaches. 

Blizzard Jonas was no match for Elizabeth's beauty and bravery. Even though she hates the cold, she was 150% into playing out the vision and as you can see, she killed it! Next time you're feeling in need of bravery, think of Elizabeth. :)