Launch Day!

Anxiety, fear, excitement, that panicky feeling you get when you are about to do something out of your comfort zone. That's how I feel about this venture. However, there's also the calm and collected feeling that you get when you've thought, planned, prayed and cried over an idea and you finally have the green light. It's time. Sink or swim, it's worth a shot. I'm a realist but I'm also a creative and believe that we are born into this earth to make it a better, more beautiful place by the people we become and the way we live. This business is a way for me to do that.

I'm very grateful and excited to be joined by my husband in this adventure. He is not only my business partner but also my best friend (no, I don't feel pressured to say that because it's the "in" thing so say). Without further adieu, here's to launch day, where comfort zones are blown to pieces!!!